Howard S Modell

1911 SW Campus Drive PMB 332
Federal Way, WA 98023


PERSONAL:   Married, 1 child U.S. Citizen


I'm searching for a challenging, rewarding opportunity that will allow me to utilize my considerable skills and 20+ years of experience. I believe that I would be excellent in a senior position like Software Architect, Project Lead, or Software Manager. I would also be willing to consider opportunities involving Information Technology, Website management or design, System Administration, or Teaching.


Over 20 years experience in Information Technology as a Software Engineer. With 8 years experience in System Software development, 15+ years experience with C, 5+ years experience with web development using Perl, HTML, CGI, SQL, and JavaScript.


Programming Languages
PERL, C, HTML, Javascript, ANSI-SQL, FORTRAN, PL/1, Pascal, APL, Python, SNOBOL4
operating systems:
Unix (SunOS, SOLARIS, Domain), MacOS, Vax VMS, IBM VM/CMS, DOS/Win9x, NOS/CroNOS
Apple Macintosh, Sun SPARCstation, HP/Apollo, IBM 60/370/3090, DEC PDP 11/70, DEC-10, DEC-20, DEC Vax, IBM PC, PS/2


1976 University of Texas at Arlington M.S., Computer Science G.P.A. 4.0 of 4.0
1975 University of Florida, Gainesville B.S., Computer Science G.P.A. 3.5 of 4.0


Professional mentions


9/01 -- Present University of Phoenix, Seattle WA
10/86 -- Present Ask Me About It, Seattle WA
6/83 -- 9/86 Language Resources, Inc.,
Boulder, CO
2/82 -- 6/83 Storage Technology Corporation (STC)
Louisville, CO
7/78 -- 1/82 NCR Corp.- System Engineering - Torrey Pines,
San Diego, CA